Sunday, May 10, 2015

The beginning

In the beginning, there was an idea. And from that idea grew a action. And from that action grew a knowledge. And from that knowledge grew a question. This seems to be the never-ending cycle of science. You develop an idea for an experiment, you perform the experiment, you get some data, and now you have even more questions than answers. But that's part of the fun; the fact that the search for answers will never really end. You may answer the question that you thought was the most important question ever, only to realize that with that answer you opened a box of a million more questions that will take you multiple lifetimes to answer. The search goes on and on.
That's how this blog started, too. I had this idea that I wanted to try my hand at science writing and extend my focus beyond the specifics of the thesis research I'm currently tackling. So now I'm on the action step of actually writing. Hopefully I'll learn a lot about science and maybe even a little about myself in the process to lead me to new questions and directions for the future.
My goal with this blog is to bring to light some of those questions and answers that are out there in the vast world of science, mainly in the context of biological systems. I hope to be able to provide cutting-edge information that highlights new avenues of disease understanding and treatment. My topic range will mainly center on infectious disease, seeing as that is my passion, but if my readers want to see other topics, I'm happy to branch out and give it a shot!
So here goes nothing. A new adventure into the depths of biology. Wish me luck!

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